LoveStrong Question of the Day! – Do you want to go to a game to get a ring?


Yesterday at the New York Knicks game vs. the Miami Heat, an unsuspecting woman was blindsided with the proposal from her boyfriend on the Jumbotron. On ESPN’s Mike N Mike this morning, they were killing the guy for his unromantic gesture.

As a guy, we think about how we can really make a splash to our potential mate, especially if that isn’t normally our style. Before, I was going to propose to my wife, I had a grand gesture in mind, but I had the sense to consult my wife’s best friend first. I am glad that I did because the event would have turned out horrible for the both of us.

What do you ladies/gents think? Is a public proposal over the at a sporting event a good idea? What is the best public proposal you have ever seen? I liked this one.

Coach Keith