Strive 2 Succeed’s Favorite Thing’s – Gift of Praise

I remember when I first heard that your spouse is your cheerleader reference in regards to encouragement for your spouse. It was on my “wedding day”.  When I heard my pastor use the phrase, I smiled because I fondly recalled the moments when our Westwood cheerleaders would shout us to victory on the basketball court with various rhythmic chants encouraging us to Fight! Fight! Fight! My wife ‘PG’ on the other hand didn’t enjoy the reference at all. One, because she was never a cheerleader. Two, she felt it was a more submissive role.

Ladies and gentleman, do you feel  a little skittish when it comes to praising your spouse. Let me tell you from a relationship coach’s perspective, praise can go a long way to securing your partner’s place in the relationship. Here are some other reasons why praise is helpful.

  1. Praise will help validate to your peace of mind. That what they are doing in the relationship is good and they will strive to continue these activities.
  2. In the beginning, marriage can be a series of trial-n error moments especially if you don’t participate in the Strive 2 Succeed marriage course. Praising your spouse can help ease the anxiety about marriage.
  3. You gain confidence in your ability to pursue your goals, especially if you are trying something new like a new venture or career.

So here is a couple of things to consider. As a wife do you need to give the gift of praise to your spouse? How can you get in the habit of expressing admiration?

As a husband, do you need to receive the gift of praise? How can you communicate that praise is essential to maintaining a strong  relationship with you?

I hope this helps get your praise on!

Coach Keith