14 Quotes That Highlight The Traits Needed For Today’s Dad.

In a recent article, Do Father’s Really Make A Difference, it’s clear that when a father and mother live together, the kids perform better in school, and have lower rates of delinquency and substance.

But, it’s not about just being present. The role model a father can play can help a child feel connected and learn lessons that will strengthen them.
So what are some of those personality traits that will do just that? Here are 14 of the best quotes that will describe the traits you need to make a difference in your child’s life.


Your kids will test you as they grow and mature. Having patience is essential.

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You will even need Patience with yourself. Don’t waver when things get hard. Stay the course.

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2. Values

When you have values that are rooted in something higher than yourself it guides your decision making.

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Having strong values not only helps you share yourself, but also helps you pass down your legacy to your children.

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3. Open-Minded

Being open-minded means you understand you’re raising children than yourself. Be able to teach as well as learn.

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Being open-minded enough to express their own thoughts and pursue their own dreams and goals will help your children thrive.

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4. Loving

Consistently showing love to your family is vital. Your kids will do better in school, be more empathetic and avoid risky behaviors.

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The more love you show, the more love you will get back. Love is about being vulnerable.

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5. Loyalty

Being loyal means you will be there no matter what, especially during the hard times.

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When your family gets attacked by life, a loyal father must hang in there. It’s what makes the family stronger.



Relationships are built on trust and being honest. It’s not about being perfect, but you must do what you say you are going to do.


When you are honest with your children, they will feel safe and share their life with you. It’s what intimate relationships are built on.

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7. Lead by Example

As the co-leader of the family what he does and the choices he makes will have a ripple effect throughout the entire family. Leading by example is about planting seeds.

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Fatherhood is about being a role model. It will not only make your family happier and more stable, but it will also make the community and the world a better place to live.



If you’re a father, figure out which of these traits you are missing and work on them. Practice them until you can display them consistently and meaningfully with your family. You will be happy that you did and your kids will be happy too.

If you are stuck with figuring out how to incorporate some of these traits into your life and you need help contact me info@strive2succeedcoaching.com.

Single and Ready to Mingle!

For the past few days, I have been playing the role of single parent. I can understand the pride men/women feel as the entertainment director for their child(ren).

My youngest son, Nicholas and I  had a great time going to the Liberty Science Center, Chuck-E-Cheese, and several parks. We took in a couple of movies, and played our favorite video game, Skylanders.

Even though, I was having fun, I often longed for the companionship and adult-like activities that my wife and I share. Those thoughts made me really empathize with the “real” single parents out there.

I can understand the challenges single parents face when they want to start a new relationship, but are cautious of the dating scene. If you are a single parent looking, or online searching for companionship, here are some tips that may help ease the process.

Be Flexible – The first thing I would look for is flexibility. He/she would have to understand the kids come first and our dates would have to be worked in around our schedules. Their may be times when plans will be cancelled. If the relationship between the EX is cordial, the person will have to understand that in no way will it impact the relationship you are trying to build.

Have Fun – The next thing I would look for would be their ability to have fun. Parenting, even though  it has its fun moments, it’s a full-time job and a lot of work. When we are on a date, we want to have fun. If they can’t do that, you won’t have them around long. They also must have the ability to be affectionate and think of love as an activity, and not just a feeling.  Acting as the mom & dad for your children means there are times when you have to go out of your comfort zone in order to make up for the parent that’s not around. This can often leave you emotionally depleted.  Look for someone who would be affectionate that could not only be affectionate towards you, but eventually your kids.

My single parent days will end in a couple of days, and hopefully yours will to. If you are looking for a companion, what other qualities do you look for if you are considering getting back into the Relationship scene?

Coach Keith