Relationship Gratitude (Day 30) Your marriage can leave a legacy!

Over the past 30 days of being thankful for your relationship, your partner isn’t the only one that should have benefitted. If you have kids, they should have also been a recipient of your graciousness. As your final project write to your kids about how you met your husband/wife and tell them how much you have enjoyed your relationship with them.

I remember wanting to have the type of relationship that my parents had; not because I knew they loved each other, but I also I saw how much they enjoyed each others company. Knowing their story helped me understand the type of relationship I was striving to find.

I am thankful to say that I found it and I plan to leave a legacy for my kids.

What type of relationship legacy do you want to leave for your kid?

Strive 2 leave a positive relationship legacy for your kids.

Coach Keith