Are we letting I-Phone Apps handle our Marriages?

If you haven’t seen the news in the past week or so, there is a new I-Phone app call ‘Find My Friends’  which allows you to easily locate your friends and family from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Unfortunately, this app was used to capture a woman in a lie when she was confronted by her husband in a text message. He asked her where she was in NYC. Instead of telling him, her exact whereabouts in the East Village. She was confirmed by the spouse tracking device to be uptown. The problem with what is being reported by the man tagged ThomasMetz. We aren’t sure what she was doing, she just lied about our whereabouts.

Are we so, quick to assume the worse without even talking to our spouses? What’s next, will there be an app. that will determine if our spouse spends more money while shopping, or an app. that will snuff out that our spouse is really ‘faking’?

Whether it be infidelity, intimacy in our marriage, or finances, we should be able to talk to our spouse as opposed to using our Smart Phones to do it for us.

Are we relying too much on our smart phones to manage our lives?

Strivers! Why can’t we talk to our spouses anymore when it comes to difficult discussions?

Coach Keith