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Couples Conversation – Your Growth! Do You Get Support?

Are you growing, but your partner and is resistant to that growth?  If ther is resistant, it can create an impasse for you as a couple.

If you are growing as an individual, has your partner noticed and what is he/she doing to support you in your growth?

Growth in a marriage requires attention, effort, intention and strong communication. In other words, change.


Keith Dent is a certified coach and author of In the Paint – How to Win at the Game of Love. If you feel you need a change, but am not sure how to communicate that to your partner contact Keith at

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Couples Conversation – A partner’s growth!


A Growth-focused relationships are all about encouraging each other’s challenges and dreams. With that said, how are you inspiring your partner to take on a new professional or personal goal? In what area does your partner have room to grow?

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