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Relationship Gratitude – Day 2 (Remember the Time)

Remember the first time you really connected as a couple?

What was the day like? What smells do you remember?

How did it make you feel?

If you need a little inspiration, I have attached Michael Jackson’s song ‘Remember the Time’ which includes the lyrics.

Share that with your spouse/partner. For me, it was the night at my friend D’Nice’s wedding. You may ask, how did you connect the first time you  met? Let’s just say I was very blessed that she sat next to me at the reception and believed in love just enough to take a chance. We all know that she had plenty of reasons not to.

In your journal over the next three days, choose one way your spouse affects you in a positiviely? For example, I  love the way he/she touches my shoulder.

Coach Keith

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I Want Something, Someone Real – (M.M.M. According to Jill Scott)

Several years ago I was playing a game with my wife PG,called the TRAP game. She asked me if I had to choose, who would be my celebrity GF’s. My wife already had her names, Kevin Johnson (former Phoenix Suns PG), Forrest Whitaker, the late Ed Bradley just to name a few. Men under any circumstances never play this game, or just make sure you add your wife even if she is a celebrity or not. One of my selections was Jill Scott. With a puzzling somewhat scowling look on her face, she asked why? Without hesitation, I said because of her voice. She could sing me a lullaby every night. Two, Jill’s words echo the fact that if you are real and you treat me right, you will receive the same treatment and more.

Being with a Black woman takes a certain amount of strength, patience and confidence that you can’t receive from any P90X workout DVD or John Madden Video Game. The great thing is Jill Scott with her lyrical prowess has provided the tools you need in order to be successful.  She just released her 5th album, The Light of the Sun, a few weeks ago. Jill Scott is the epitome of the world according to black women. She believes in empowerment and love. She is vulnerable and loyal to the people who are in her life. If she sees you in pain or not acting right, she will throw you a lifeline, but if you cross her, she will cut you. She may feel pain for a little while, but will move on.

If you are a man who loves and adores black women, but feel you have a hard time fully understanding your queen listen to Jill Scott’s new CD and the others. Her lyrics are words that should be studied if you want to thrive in your marriage. I’m not saying that Jill is the voice of all black women, but she is pretty close.

Here is Jill’s “Womanifesto” of what type of Real relationship women want so you can make the adjustments.

  1. How to know and understand your beautiful black woman. – I’m the Real thing in stereo..I gotta little highs, I gotta little lows.. (The Real Thing)
  2. Your woman wants you be all  in or not at all.  – I’m the magnificent with the sensational style Yes! Check her head to toe don’t forget the smile Blessed! If you were smart you would try to snatch it up Movin like a snail when you ‘gon catch up?! (It’s a Shame)
  3. Your woman may have a strong exterior, but your woman needs you.  And even though I can do all these things by my damn self I need you..I do, I do, I do, I do (The Fact Is (I Need You)
  4. Your woman wants you to communicate, the best way you can. Talk to me, break it down, spell it out for me baby (Talk to Me)
  5. This is how your woman wants to be Treated.
    Grown woman, making decisions and choices
    Utilizing everything inside of me,
    my soul my heart my mind my voices
    So maybe, in the middle of the night, when
    the dreams just aint going right
    … I can use, a tug, a hug, a kiss,
    something, strong, something, fit, for a Queen
    … Something,… passionate, someone with esteem, a king,… that’ll knock a Sister down..down..down..
  6. If you want her heart,  you have to work. It takes more than diamonds to woo me..Lalalala..It takes more than money to move me..Lalalala..It takes more than ooo material things (Spring Summer Feeling)
  7. Wants you to bring it in the bedroom and be confident about it.  NO LYRICS NECCESARY (Crown Royal)
  8. Even when the relationship gets tested, they will Always be there for you. Listen, I’m so in love with you, That I can’t help myself! Can’t help it! As long as it’s me and you We don’t need nothing else! (So in LoveV1OC_XmeIck
  9. They do make mistakes when it comes to Love. I’m truly sorry baby for what I did to you While you were busy loving me, I was busy too I played you dirty boy, did some things I shouldn’t do While you were only trying to treat me good I was playing… damn (Can’t Explain –  42nd St. Happenstance)
  10. If YOU decide if you aren’t all will get Left. I have let you go  – And everything I went through was beautiful (When I Wake up.)

So Brothas of all races if you want to thrive in your relationships with your black sistah’s, buy Jill Scott’s CD’s. Study the lyrics, commit them to memory or study them like you should study your scriptures. It will make you relationship better.

Coach Keith

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You know my wife laughed at me? I needed it!

Yesterday as I was driving to NYC to drop off my children with my sister-in-law. I was prepared to have a few hours to myself and go bike riding along the West Side when, I was caught in Jersey City’s end of the month capital fundraising campaign. The police were pulling over unsuspecting drivers for going over the 25 mph speed limit, and I was the lottery winner. As I was waiting for my ticket, a few things came to mind; my perfect driving record for the  past three years was ruined, how much is this ticket going to cost me, is there a way I can get out of it.

The latter was definitely out of the question, but what really set me off was the cost of the ticket. Jersey City must really be hurting for money because it was going to cost me more to pay this ticket than the SADE concert and the cost of a good seat at the Yankee game combined.

This episode really set my day off, and I was about to just go home and brood which I am prone to do when bad things happen to me. Before I decided to do that, I figured let me call PG, my wife first.

Immediately she asked me if I was ok. I told her no and the circumstances behind it. Her response! Laughter! She said, “That’s it! That’s what you are upset about. Please, don’t let this one ticket spoil your day. Go for that bike ride.”

During my periods of silence as she talked to me, I took in what she said. I went bike riding and enjoyed the day. Oddly enough in Jersey City.

It’s refreshing when your wife can be a good student, but a better teacher. That’s why I married her.



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