Healthy Sex is about Freedom!

When you have sex with your partner it’s freeing. When you’re obligated to have sex, the freedom goes away. And you know it! We all know when our partners are saying yes with their bodies, but no with their hearts. That’s when sex becomes routine, stale, and ┬áboring. Based on these circumstances it’s no wonder why our partners go out and seek what is missing.

Part of knowing a person is knowing what they like sexually. One of the biggest assumptions we bring into marriage is we assume husband’s are going to be warriors in the bedroom and be able to show their wife. As husband’s we assume our wives will scream with ecstasy the second our penis penetrates the vagina and why would they not want that sort of pleasure each and every night.

That’s simply not true.

Sex in our marriages would be more pleasurable, and more healthy if we could allow our partner to express what they like about sex and how often they want it.

Strivers! When was the last time you talked about what you enjoyed about sex with your partner?