Is your spouse your Acre of Diamonds? Pooch and all?

The Acres of Diamonds story by Russell Herman Conwell is one of my favorites. It’s about taking what you have for granted until you see someone else bring its beauty.

My wife PG and I had an interesting discussion about this very topic.

We were discussing why, married women take looking good to another level. She said, “We don’t want to take our spouses for granted. If we have to suck in our tummies, were long eye lashes in front of our husbands we will do it.”
Then I said, as I began to examine my tummy, “We love you for you, pooches and all. We know it’s there.” She just shook her head..We are still debating it.

For some of us it’s easy to take our partner’s for granted. We just expect them to be there for us, love us, cater to us, sex us. When they don’t, we say to them. “What’s wrong with you!”  Never suspecting it might be how we treat them.

So this weekend do a little love mining.

  1. How good am I at what I’m presently doing in our relationship?
  2. Can I call myself a first-class husband/wife?
  3. How would my work stand up against the work of my spouse?   
  4. Do I know all I can about being a better husband or wife?   
  5. How can my spouse get a better break?   
  6. How can I increase my service to him/her?   
  7. My spouse has rare and very marketable diamonds. Have I been looking for them? Have I examined every facet of his/her life?
  8. There are better ways to do what I’m presently doing.    What are they?
  9. How will my marriage be performed 20 years from now?   
  10. Everything in our marriage is in a state of evolution and improvement.    How can I stay ahead of the game?

Cultivating your mines now will keep other miners away later.
Coach Keith