The Oval Office is about to shut down unless you get this road fixed!

A story that might have gone unnoticed this week was the fact that 250 women from a  town called Barbacoas, near the Pacific Coast of Columbia declared a “Crossed Legs Strike.” Their reason, they want their husbands to get off their couch and lobby government leaders to get the roads fixed.  Over the past 20 years, the roads have been pretty much unusable, since it takes over 10 hours to travel 30 miles to the next town.

We are tired of the incompetence and attitude of our husbands who are not capable of demanding the governor to construct a better road for the town. They may be man enough to order us around at home but they are too weak to fight for our rights in society,” one woman participating in the protest told the press.

Apparently, the Cross Legged Strike is catching on since Kelly Ripa is using this tactic to get her husband to fix their roof, or better yet, call the contractor to do it.

When I counsel clients that use ultimatums in their marriage, I immediately try to locate the source of this issue because the act of witholding something is really not the problem. At some point, the person handing out the ultimatum feels they have lost control and wants to get it back. On the other hand, this fear-based tactic can surely backfire on you. This very act of trying to gain control can result in the other person checking out completely.

If those 250 men decide to leave town in the middle of the night, it will take their women 10 hours to catch up to them.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday.

Coach Keith