Couples Conversation – Your Growth! Do You Get Support?

Are you growing, but your partner and is resistant to that growth?  If ther is resistant, it can create an impasse for you as a couple.

If you are growing as an individual, has your partner noticed and what is he/she doing to support you in your growth?

Growth in a marriage requires attention, effort, intention and strong communication. In other words, change.


Keith Dent is a certified coach and author of In the Paint – How to Win at the Game of Love. If you feel you need a change, but am not sure how to communicate that to your partner contact Keith at

Amidst the Chaos comes Change.

In the individualistic society of the United States, it’s hard to think that you are connected to your partner in so many ways. If you really think about it, your lives intersect physically, socially, financially, emotionally, domestically and spiritually just to name a few. Yet, when problems occur in our marriage, we will usually feel that our partner is to blame. We will throw up our hands and say, “There is nothing I can do about it.”

I totally disagree. There have been times, I have only coached one person in a couple and have empowered them on how to bring change in a relationship. Individuals have always marvelled at how their relationship improved base on subtle changes they made.

These changes are based on what is called chaos theory. It’s a scientific theory in simple terms states that  a little change in one part of a system can make a big change in another. Based on this fact, we should feel hopeful and excited that our relationships can changed based on things we can control.The changes we can make!

So how can you make changes? Here are some empowering ways you can do it.

Speak up!

Say what you need. If you are clear and specific that will help to end the problem. Sometimes we waver about our own needs and that can cause our partner to be confused.

Speak out!

If there are things that your partner does that clearly irritate you. Say it. Isn’t it better for your partner to know what line not to cross, instead of having them try to figure it out and getting it wrong.

Own your emotions!

Like I said earlier, when there is conflict we will blame our partner. Why! It’s easier. When our partners are forced to defend themselves, problems never get solved because we are focusing on winning the battle and not the war. Conflict in relationships are inevitable, how you handle it is optional. Whatever your emotional trigger is, that creates the conflict own it so you can react properly when it comes.

Instead of waiting for change, you be the change!

We almost always feel our partner has to change in order for our relationship to work. Based on the chaos theory a subtle change you make can have a major effect on your relationship in a positive way. You take the initiative and be positive. Seek out a relationship coach such as Coach Keith that can help you brainstorm different ideas.

Continue to Grow!

Get healthy. When we are in relationship that has major conflict we often get stuck and stop growing. Continue to grow personally, emotionally and spiritually. By maintaining a strong, positive outlook on your life, your partner will either gravitate towards it and change or move away from it. Either way, your sense of self-will remain intact.

Now I ask you what is one change that you can make that may have a positive affect on your relationship.