3 tips to keep a good marriage from going adrift!


Good marriages are like a relaxing canoe ride when the winds are calm and the lake water is as smooth as glass. You just have to be careful you don’t drift.

Like that canoe, marriages often drift. There’s no obvious conflict or struggle, just subtle distractions that lull spouses to asleep. Couples hardly notice they’re losing interest in one another until they end up somewhere they never intended to be.

So how do you keep your marriage from going adrift.

  1.  Chart the course of your marriage in the early years.
  2. You need both paddles in order for the marriage to do in the right direction. –  Your marriage will take both of you doing equal work. Not the same work, but equal work in order for the marriage to stay on course. If one person, stops paddling the marriage will begin to flounder in circles.
  3. At some point you may have to drop anchor or ask for life-preservers. – Even if you know the direction you want to go in your marriage, and you are both working to try to  get there, it just may be leaking. That’s when you have to throw out the anchor or the life-preserver. Get the support you need from a coach that can help you through the winds and current that wasn’t expected.

 When was the last time your marriage was adrift? What did you do to get it back on course?

Coach Keith


Excerpt from JimDalyblog.com