What 5 things I learned after 16 years of Marriage!

President Keith Dent and the First Lady "PG" at the Marriage Stimulus Bill Signing.

This weekend was my 16 year wedding anniversary to PG!  It started out great the minute we closed the car door and we didn’t have to hear the phrase, “Are we there yet,” by our wonderful children.

It got even greater, when we checked into our hotel  room and what did we find, a mirror TV.in the bathroom.


Then to cap off the evening, we saw Jonathan Butler at Blues Alley.

As I look back on our 16 years of marriage, here are 5 things I learned!

  1. If you can get through the learning curve, you can understand how your spouse thinks and feels. In an article from the New York Times, they mentioned “A marriage is likely to change shape multiple times over the course of its lifetime; it must be continually rebuilt if it is to thrive.”
  2. You can thrive as a partnership when you utilize each other’s strengths and not to minimize them. – My wife is a strong woman, and even though I felt threatened in the beginning, I have come to realize it’s comforting when my wife and stand on her own two feet, and we can drive the family bus together.
  3. Even though our bodies aren’t as tight as they were 16 years ago, she is just as sexy as ever.
  4. Sex is more satisfying now with no worries of baby bumps showing up 9 months later.
  5. I made the right choice. And she did too!