Day 1 (Take Action)

My blog usually takes on a stance of trying to fix problems. I find that most of the time, I don’t get a lot of responses to what I write. Maybe because we don’t want to own up to the fact that we have issues. That’s okay.

This month, I have decided to take on a different approach. 30 DAYS OF GRATITUDE ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS. Being thankful for what we have whether it be a great marriage, or a not so great marriage can go a long way to creating change. If we take some time to acknowledge your partner for who they are in your life may melt some of the anger you have toward them. It may just melt your heart as well.

Today, will be the hardest part. Taking action! You will start off by communicating to your partner about this 30 day challenge. They may choose not to participate. Don’t let that stop you, taking part in this challenge may help your issues. Decide if there is a special place you plan to leave the notes, or will you make it a surprise and they will have to find them. Second, purchase some stationary for your notes to each other plus a journal for your own thoughts. Don’t spend a lot of money on this remember, “It’s the thought that counts.”