Things your spouse says that makes you ? your intelligence.


You may be a man, that is well respected on the job, or you may be the E.F. Hutton of your community, but you know sometimes when you speak to your spouse, they have a way of making your conversation STOP and question your intelligence. Don’t get frustrated, please share them and have a laugh about it.

From time to time, if I hear conversations, or am in the middle of one myself, I will share these nuggets my fellow STRIVERS. I hope you enjoy them, or feel empowered to keep talking to your spouse. Eventually things will get better.

Here is one that happened this past weekend.

Here is the backdrop. My daughter goes to a Catholic school, and she needed to have her skirt dry cleaned, so I took it upon myself to take it to the cleaners as a way satisfy one of my wife’s Love Languages (Acts of Service).

Here is how the conversation went.

PG: I see you went to the cleaners.

KD: I did!

PG: And you took Livvy’s skirt, right?

KD: I did. (smilingly)

PG: You only took one skirt, right and not both of them, that would leave her with nothing to wear on Tuesday.

KD: Of course, why would you ask me that?

PG: Because you have done it to me before?

KD: Oh!

Definitely an exchange that had me questioning my intelligence. Men, has this ever happened to you before and you would like to post. Please send an e-mail to