Best of Black Men Speak #2

Will Black Men’s Mental Health Be The Next Pandemic

In this episode, I interviewed two brothas, Michael Cox and Brandon Williams about the stigma around black male mental health stigma what steps they are taking to educate and empower men to look at themselves more holistically. If you missed this episode check it out here

Best of Black Men Speak #3

Is A Unified Black Lives Matter Movement Necessary!

Our first episode was on the heels of the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. I talked with Professor Saladin Ambar, Fox Sports host of the Odd Couple Chris Broussard, and Educational Activist L-Mani Viney around the issues of police brutality, the nationwide protests to creating policies that will make our nation more equitable. If you missed this flagship episode check out the link here.

Best of Black Men Speak #4

How the Create Generational Worth

In this episode, we spoke with A. Donahue Baker, from Money Ave., LLC. We talked about creating generational wealth either through real estate investment or business development. We also covered topics like the family office concept, understanding tax strategies, and closing the wealth gap.

To listn to the complete podcast, click on the link attached.

Best Of Black Men Speak #5

From Lightning McQueen to the Real Thing.

In this episode we interview Rajah Caruth, an 18-year old NASCAR driver. As part of the Drive for Diversity Program we discuss his love for Lightning McQueen and how seeing his first race turned into his drive for becoming a professional racecar driver.

He talks about the importance for driving, how e-sports driving can be more pressure than being on the real track and how he felt winning his first race.

You can hear the entire podcast here.