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15 Weird (And Embarrassing) Things My Future Wife Will Need To Know About Me

15 Weird (And Embarrassing) Things My Future Wife Will Need To Know About Me

Here is my article that was syndicated in the Thought Catalog..Check it out.

Thought Catalog

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As your future husband, it was very refreshing to read your story before we met. I don’t meet too many women who are open and honest with their feelings.

I hope you don’t overlook me because I’m not that tall, dark and handsome guy that you always seem to notice. I’m on the sensitive side, but I know that when we meet our chemistry will be instantaneous.

Before we meet and start to make wedding plans, there is one thing you must know. I will have fears too. Not right away, but they will develop much later in our marriage.

And another thing — I might not tell you, even though you’re my wife. So if you ask me if everything is OK I don’t really answer, it could be one of these 15 things.

I need you to …

1. Not belittle the other…

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S2S Love Question of the Day!

Knowing what you now know about marriage, what advice would you have given your younger married self? What advice would you give a new couple about to get married?

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Your husband has feelings too!

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Last week there was an interesting article I read, 15 Things A Wife is Embarrassed to tell my Husband I need.

What struck me was her candor and how hard it was to find the same type of emotions from men.

But we do!

Maybe that’s one of the problems in relationships. We just expect husbands to never have issues. Since we never discuss them openly, our wives often scratch their heads when we run away from them and share our problems with a stranger.

Well I wanted to shed light on some of the issues that husbands might have so they can be discussed.

Click here to read what some of them might be.

Has your husband had any of these issues?  How did you go about talking about them.

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