iLoveStrong QoTD! – What if your Man acted more like an Insurance Company?

The other night I came across this video Stay in Your Lane Insurance by Zeus from HumpDay Romance.

The video depicts the how certain women who are casually involved with someone, but feel they have boyfriend/girlfriend privileges.

  • Smash & Dash Package  which allows no benefits to the insured.The insurer just takes.
  • Talking Package which allows you to come over and hang out, but you are kept in hiding.
  • Side-Joint Package which allows you certain privileges at specific time periods.
  • Girlfriend Package is the best package, but you must fear of being cancelled if you don’t have a driving record that adheres to the insurers standards.

It’s not the packages that are so important, but why a woman would allow her relationship to be placed in such a box. The woman who was in the talking package stated, “I knew what package I signed up for, but even since we were intimate, I thought we could be more.”

So if your man acted more like your relationship was insurance company, what benefits would he need to give in order to avoid switching to another insurance company?

I appreciate your comments to the iLoveStrong Question of the Day!

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