Valentine’s Day–it’s the Super Bowl of Love, but I prefer the regular season.

14 Feb

This morning I went to Shoprite to pick up strawberries for my son’s Valentine’s Day party. I thought I would be in and out of the store because I can usually find them  as soon as I enter the store. Instead it took me awhile to find them because they were replaced by roses and flower arrangements. Isn’t it funny that groceries stores and even gas stations have joined Hallmark, to prepare for this one event?

On average, Americans are spending $126 on their significant other according to the National Retail Federation. Another important issue is that after Valentine’s Day is a peak season for break-ups. The major reason is the build up of the perfect gift usually never really materializes.

What if we just focused on celebrating and honoring our significant others throughout the year, instead of one day. Would it take the pressure off you trying to find that perfect gift?

Here are some regular season gifts that you can give your spouse.

For the Men:

  1. Be creative when you express your love both in words and actions.
  2. Focus on what he is doing right.
  3. Take notice for what he has done for you and your family
  4. Show your love through actions he will appreciate.
  5. Instead of bragging about his gift, brag about him as a gift.

For the Ladies:

  1. Express to her that you need and value her.
  2. Keep her trust.
  3. Surprise her with what she would want done before she asks
  4. Compliment her for the giftedness you see in her. Be specific!
  5. Show and tell her she matters more than any gift you could buy.

Now what will you do to show your spouse you love and honor them besides a gift.

No matter what you do, I hope you have a happy and enjoyable Valentine’s Day.

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