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Relationship Gratitude (Day – 22) You can’t do it alone!

As part pf relationship gratitude day 22, e-mail or someone who has helped keep your marriage strong. During your relationship journey we all need other friends or couples in our life that can provide insight when we things get difficult.

If you have married couples in your circle who are struggling, here are some things that might help them get on the right track.

  • Offer to baby-sit. Most couples face the additional expense and inconvenience of securing a sitter to watch children when they are trying to reconnect. Volunteer baby-sitting eases the financial and emotional stress of leaving the children.
  • Make dinner. While serving as a concreted reminder of your support, bringing dinner frees both partners from one more responsibility on an already difficult day.
  • Invite the couple to play games. Play reminds couples there will be life after struggling. Include them in a game night. Invite them for a barbecue. Meet for a hike. Enjoy a movie together. Caring friends help make the time endurable.
  • Provide opportunities for listening – man to man, woman to woman. Ask the husband to play tennis or the wife to go for a walk. Have her ride in your car while you run errands. Let him hold the light while you change the oil in the car. These conversations validate each partner’s need to sort through their experience out loud, in a safe and confidential environment, outside the presence of the partner. Your advice is not needed; in fact, it may not be helpful at all. The best advice comes from trained professionals. But a listening ear can help each partner process what he or she is learning.
  • Encourage. Frequently remind your friend of the courage he or she displays by facing and overcoming their difficulty. Remind them that this troubled season will pass. Send cards. Drop notes. Make phone calls. The healing process seems long to an observer; imagine how much longer it feels to those involved! “There are days when a card in the mail gave a couple courage to face another week.” It may mean the difference between perseverance and divorce.


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Relationship Gratitude – (Day 21) No Thankless Jobs today!

In our relationships we do jobs everday. It may be something as simple as making sure your children have lunch everyday, or as important as making sure the bills get paid on time. Those jobs often go without a thank you. Today, that will change. Find 3 jobs, or things that your partner may feel is mostly thankless and acknowledge them for it.

Either way, showing appreciation for  those thankless things he/she does today, will warm their heart in every way.

Coach Keith

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Relationship Gratitude -(Day 20) If you Post it, they will read it!

Post thankful expressions or notes of thanks in visible locations around the house. Posting visible expressions of gratitude according to fellow blogger Les Visible is like leaving good footprints.

There is no hiding place. I sometimes wonder about how many people there are who are running from their footprints. The problem is that your footprints follow you. Good footprints can wipe out bad footprints by changing the person leaving the footprints into one unrecognizable from before. You can even leave deeper imprints.

Start off the week of Thanksgivng by leaving some prints.

~ Coach Keith


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Relationship Gratitude Day 19 – A picture is worth a thousand words!

Today you are going to go on a relationship scavenger hunt. As part of relationship gratitude day nineteen, you are going to find 5 things, or symbols that signify how you feel about your spouse. The one stipulation is if you feel you have to purchase some items for your scavenger hunt, you can only spend $5 for the entire project. This will force you to really be creative. For example, ‘PG’ and I played this game several years ago and one of the things I used to describe her was a “lightbulb” to signify her intelligence and that I admired her for being a deep thinker.

Creative visualization, can change, or strengthen how you feel about yourself, thus change your reality.

Either way, I guarantee the scavenger hunt will be fun and interesting and will change the reality of bond with one another. If you have kids, share this exercise with them. They will appreciate the exercise and it may carry over in their relationships as well.

Please share some of the items that you use for your project. I would love to hear them.

Happy Hunting!

Coach Keith

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Relationship Gratitude – Day 18 Letters are great, but you are only as good as your last date!

For the past 18 days, we have spent a lot of time poring into our spouse with affectionate heart-felt words, but it’s the weekend, time to take action.

Today’s action, go on a date with your partner. Try and do something different. Ask your partner what is one thing you would like to do together that we haven’t done. Remember, by planning an event for your partner, you are showing him/her  their feelings matter.

Don’t forget that if you have kids, make sure you secure a baby-sitter as soon as possible.



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Relationship Gratitude – Day 17 (Be a Relationship Role Model!)

Inspire others!  In today’s society, we tend to keep things that are important to us private, especially in regards to our relationship. One challenge is there are couples out there, especially young couples that come from single-parent households that may not have any role models when it comes to relationships. They would benefit from hearing your story. They would benefit to know you can have obstacles in a relationship and be grateful for those challenges because your relationship has improved.

Today, move out of your comfort zone of privacy and describe one unexpected blessing you’ve received in a status update on Facebook or Twitter. Visit the Facebook page “Strive 2 Succeed in Marriage/Relationships“, or S2SinMarrriage Twitter Page and share your blessing.

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Relationship Gratitude Day 16 – (Feed me Seymour!)

In the movie, “Little Shop of Horrors”, the main character Seymour played by Rick Moranis, is a nerdish florist who finds his chance for success and romance with the help of a giant man-eating plant who demands to be fed.

In the clip, we see how important it is for Audrey, the plant, to get her food. She will do just about anything for a good meal. Even though not that extreme, we have seen the expressions on our partners faces when they have just eaten something spectacular.

In honor of relationship gratitude, make your partners favorite dish, or take him/her to their favorite restaurant. Last week, I made lasagna for ‘PG’s’ birthday and she is still talking about it. Showing that you care about your partner by preparing their favorite meal can go a long way to ease the hunger of conflict in your marriage.

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