Relationship Gratitude Day 19 – A picture is worth a thousand words!

19 Nov

Today you are going to go on a relationship scavenger hunt. As part of relationship gratitude day nineteen, you are going to find 5 things, or symbols that signify how you feel about your spouse. The one stipulation is if you feel you have to purchase some items for your scavenger hunt, you can only spend $5 for the entire project. This will force you to really be creative. For example, ‘PG’ and I played this game several years ago and one of the things I used to describe her was a “lightbulb” to signify her intelligence and that I admired her for being a deep thinker.

Creative visualization, can change, or strengthen how you feel about yourself, thus change your reality.

Either way, I guarantee the scavenger hunt will be fun and interesting and will change the reality of bond with one another. If you have kids, share this exercise with them. They will appreciate the exercise and it may carry over in their relationships as well.

Please share some of the items that you use for your project. I would love to hear them.

Happy Hunting!

Coach Keith

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