Relationship Gratitude Day 15 (Thank you for taking out the trash!)

15 Nov

We have reached the half-way point of Relationship Gratitude Challenge. I hope that you have been able to laugh, cry, smile and enjoy your relationship up to this point. I hope most of all that things have improved between you and your partner.

If you are newlywed, or you have been married a long time. You have been through some stuff. Or maybe there was one moment that changed everything.

As part of Relationship Gratitude Day 15 lets remember those bad times, the frustrations, failures, and losses. Write them down, share them with your partner then throw it away. This is one note that you don’t want to keep.





In relationships we tend to hold onto the negativeĀ forever and it keeps us from moving forward together.

Notice how much better things are now. Focus on resiliency and renewal.



Posted by on November 15, 2011 in 30 days of Gratitude


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2 responses to “Relationship Gratitude Day 15 (Thank you for taking out the trash!)

  1. Soulmate James

    December 10, 2011 at 8:22 am

    This is the information that we need to have good relationships!

    • strivetwosucceed

      December 10, 2011 at 1:59 pm

      Agreed..please share this with others, or better yet..Like the blog to receive updates on posts.


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