Were going back to school. Relationship School!

05 Sep

When we think of relationships, the first thing that comes to mind is usually not ourselves. We don’t think our happiness should be the #1 priority. Our thoughts and energy are focused on becoming whole or complete when we find that “person”. We get into those types of relationships and over time they don’t work. We spend countless hours writing in our journal, drinking some wine, or praying to ask ourselves, why? Until that next person comes along, and we repeat the same pattern.

It happened to me. I was always taught that you had to always treat women with respect. Now that had its consequences. Respect was sometimes perceived as being “too” nice or not having an edge. And after each relationship ended with no explanation over time I could have gone the way, that was expected of single men, but I held onto my beliefs and how I was raised.

So I ask you:

What type of person are YOU?
What qualities do YOU need in a mate that will compliment me, not complete me?
Do YOU believe that YOU can be in a relationship with a PARTNER?
Do YOU believe the person that wants to be with you is genuine?

These are the first steps before we take the leap. Robin Thicke’s – Can You Believe says it all.

This is just a little taste of what you are going to get in Strive 2 Succeed’s Relationship School.

Happy Labor Day

Coach Keith

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