Husband not pulling his weight? Blame the commercials.

13 May

I was watching TV show that is primarily geared towards women last night. I won’t tell you what it is, so I don’t lose my MAN Card. The interesting thing was a Target commercial scrolled across the screen. I usually am a channel surfer, this commercial caught my eye. It involved a husband and wife in bed and since I am a relationship coach, I had to stop and watch.

The man was trying to explain his actions, so he could get some love, but she wasn’t havin’ it.  All I could do was shake my head, another “idiot man” commerical

Now, I turned to my wife and I asked her, “Can you give me at least one commercial where they have a woman look dumb in front of her spouse, or have to beg for anything?” Of course she couldn’t even give me one and that is the point of this blog today.

Commercials are messing our marriages. The reason any product today, that involves relationships, has the man looking dumb, weak and incompetent. McDonald’s, Bud Light, Dairy Queen just to name a few portray men are incapable of doing simple tasks from cooking, cleaning and just plain taking care of the kids. And these attitudes transfer to our real life relationships.

See the enclosed add whereby her husband which is her best friend is Mr. Jack Donkey. He has no domestic skills at all. He just messes up the house along with her kids, who are pigs.

So as a husband, why would I initially attempt to do any of these things if that’s how I am going to be made to feel by my wife?

So if your husband is not pulling his weight around the house or with the kids ask him, “Is it because of the commercials?”


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8 responses to “Husband not pulling his weight? Blame the commercials.

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