What would I tell Will & Kate (Session #2) – How will you maintain your own identity?

Kate and William are now intriqued with what I am about to say next. And I might not win any points with the royal family, but it’s important, nonetheless. Kate & Will! Will & Kate…It will natural for outsiders even your family to link you together for everything. That closeness will slowly erode all the love you have built up over time.

This marriage in itself is a fairytale. The prince finally marrying his princess; the princess finding her prince. The marriage alone will not be able to sustain them for the rest of their life. Both will  need friends, satisfying work, some solitary time, fun and other experiences in their life to fulfill the needs that are deep in their heart.

Because there are many kinds of love. For example there is parental love, platonic love, the constant love of friends, and a deep enduring love of a long-standing marriage. Kate and Will will not be able to love each other in all the ways they need to be loved. Understanding this early and putting themselves in the position to fulfill the other types of love from others will relieve the pressure.  

This will be very important for Kate. William wasn’t just attracted to your beauty and that you would make a good princess to show off. He was attracted to you because of your personality, independent spirit, intelligence, tenacity and warmth. So eventhough your status in the world is changing, he will expect you not to change.

So Kate, figure out what sort of legacy you would like to leave as the new princess. Since you are the first princess to have a college degree, the world is your oyster. Find out your passion and pursue it.

On the flip side, William if there is something new you would like to pursue, now is the time to do it. I would like to see the both of you establish yourselves individually and as a power couple? In order to do that ask each other these questions?

  1. What do you dislike?
  2. How do you like to spend your free time?
  3. What do you enjoy doing with me?
  4. What do you need when you’re unhappy?
  5. What kind of support works for you?
  6. What turns you on?
  7. What turns you off?
  8. What do you really love to do?
  9. What brings you great joy?

By asking these questions, both of you will find that you can build a life together individually, and as  a couple.

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Keith has over a decade of experience in the field, counseling and coaching individuals, couples, teens and their parents to help them improve their relationships and their ability to achieve their personal goals. For the past seven years Keith has developed specific programs to help teens and their families achieve success in all facets of their lives that may have eluded them in the past. Academics, relationships, athletics, college preparation and applications, goal setting and developing specific plans are areas where working with Keith as a Coach can help young people set the patterns that promise a brilliant future. He works with couples to help them achieve the kind of relationship they envisioned when they first made their commitment to each other. Strengthening communication and revitalizing their understanding and empathy for each other helps couples regain the romance and closeness they long for – even in their everyday “real” world. Having a coach is like having a GPS for life. Keith can help you get a realistic picture of where you are and focus on the best path forward toward your goals. Unlike counseling, coaching focuses on the future, not the past.

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