4 Steps to Relieving Weekend Relationship Syndrome

Last week, we gave you the symptoms for Weekend Relationship Syndrome.

I hope you found that you didn’t suffer from this disease.  If you did, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

One of the by-products of this illness is the negative energy that  flows all around you and your marriage. The first step to eliminating this is to bring positive energy back into your relationship. Here are 4 energy boosters needed for you to get you back on track.

  1. Take care of yourself as individuals. – If we tend to not feel good about ourselves, we will normally voice that  to our partners. Instead, we will deflect our pain onto them. STOP THAT! Figure out  what you need to do to take care of yourself before you take care of the relationship.
  2. Break free of old habits. – Your relationship can get into a rut, especially if you always do the same things, argue the same way, or go out to the same places. Exploring and learning new things can spice up any relationship.
  3. Make intimacy a priority. – Hugs can do a lot to break down intimacy barriers. Make a point to start there then find different ways of touching in order to create positive energy.
  4. Make it a point to not say and do anything to deliberately injure the relationship. A person that is careful will “measure twice, cut once.” Being deliberate not to hurt your partner takes strength and planning. Work together to design a strategy on how you will interact with each other in times of conflict or pain.

Following this prescription will help cure a case of Weekend Relationship Syndrome and create the positive energy flow needed for a sucess.

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Keith has over a decade of experience in the field, counseling and coaching individuals, couples, teens and their parents to help them improve their relationships and their ability to achieve their personal goals. For the past seven years Keith has developed specific programs to help teens and their families achieve success in all facets of their lives that may have eluded them in the past. Academics, relationships, athletics, college preparation and applications, goal setting and developing specific plans are areas where working with Keith as a Coach can help young people set the patterns that promise a brilliant future. He works with couples to help them achieve the kind of relationship they envisioned when they first made their commitment to each other. Strengthening communication and revitalizing their understanding and empathy for each other helps couples regain the romance and closeness they long for – even in their everyday “real” world. Having a coach is like having a GPS for life. Keith can help you get a realistic picture of where you are and focus on the best path forward toward your goals. Unlike counseling, coaching focuses on the future, not the past.

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